Folk club OMLADINA

...Starozagorská 10, Košice

    We would like to warmly welcome all readers to this website. We are one of the newest Slovak folklore collectives. While our members may be advanced in years, we are filled with youthful enthusiasm.

    Our group consists of former members, dancers, singers and musicians of all ensembles of Košice like Akademik, Čarnica, Dargov, Jahodná, Východniar, Železiar, Borievka a Žiara. We share a love of folk art, dancing, and folk culture in all aspects.

    Membership in this collective is open to all enthusiasts of folk culture; primarily seniors with a long standing interest and background in folklore arts. Dancers are required to have been members of a Slovak folk group in their youth.

    We hope to demonstrate to our audience that even at an advanced age it is possible to spread joy through performance of our art. Because the slogan of folkloristic seniors is...

"As long as you are dancing, you are living, as long as you are living, dance!"